[Note: Soon after moving to this service, I accepted a job to crate a new nonprofit community bike center in my neighborhood--so this site is STILL under construction and incomplete. I have completed the bike center project (with a successful merger of the program with Cycles for Change) and am finally getting back to updating this page.]

I help nonprofit organizations and foundations use technologies to improve service to their communities and build communities.  I also help organizaitons build new programs to serve their communities.

With thought and planning, implementing new technologies can help organizations improve the services they provide to their communities, members and constituents. Improving the use of technology by itself will not help an organization excel. Technology is just one tool that can help organizations improve their communities and the service to their clients. I believe that technology change should be combined with business practice and organizational changes to help organizations excel.

My approach is no nonsense and no jargon.

Browse through this website to get an idea of how I can help and feel free to contact me at 612/618-7149 or smains (at) visi.com.

Note: Replace the (at) with @ to send an email.  This is one of my small attempts to fight spam (unsolicited commercial email, not the canned meat product).