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Consulting Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Sheldon Mains specializes in:
  • Creating and implementing programs to serve communities;
  • Using technology to help build communities and to help organizations better serve their communities.

He knows nonprofit organizations.  He has been a board member (and board chair and treasurer) for local and national nonprofit organizations, has created nonprofit organizations and has served as staff, management and executive director.  He has worked with foundations and government organizations to find funding for improvements.

Creating and implementing new programs:

Creating and implementing a new program, or totally redesigning an old service is complex.  Sheldon can help you identify the issues, plan the implementation, work though the schedule and manage the changes.  He has created new programs in nonprofit organizations and government.  He knows how difficult it can be and how to plan for the unforeseen.

Sheldon has :
  • Created new  government programs.
  • Total re-designed service delivery systems.
  • Created brand new non-profit organizations.
  • Helped organizations out of financial problems.

Using technology to help build communities:

Technology can help you build a sense of community among your clients, in your neighborhood, among your volunteers. Sheldon has used Internet technologies to help build communities in neighborhood groups, in nonprofit organizations and in politics.

Sheldon has:
  • Helped create the first nonprofit Internet service in Minnesota in 1993.
  • Created Internet based services to help build communities.
  • Managed Internet communications for state-wide political campaigns
  • Helped human service organizations use the Internet to better communicate with their clients.
  • Helped organizations use technology to communicate with current and potential donors.

Technology evaluation, planning and implementation:

Whether you are just starting out using technology or have been using technology for years, reviewing what you are doing now and planning for the future will help you be more effective and efficient.  Technology can be a big unknown for many nonprofit managers.  Sheldon knows how to explain it in English and how to use technology to help you serve your community.

Once the planning is complete, implementing a technology project can be daunting.  Sheldon has a long history of successfully implementing technology projects.

There are two secrets to successful implementation of technology projects:

  • The project must solve a real problem (that is where the  evaluation comes in).
  • There must be detailed planning for the implementation.  This includes involving all the staff (and volunteers) who will be using the technology as early in the planning as possible.
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