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Professional and Community Activities

Chair, Twin Cities Media Alliance (2009- )

  • Chair (2009)
  • Treasurer (2008)

The Twin Cities Media Alliance brings together media professionals and engaged citizens to improve the quality, accountability and diversity of the local media. It publishes The Twin Cities Daily Planet, an online daily newspaper that aggregates  the content of a large variety of independent Twin Cities community media

Member, Minneapolis Library Board Trustees (2006 to 2008)

Minneapolis was one of a few cities in the United States that has a separately elected, independent Board of Trustees that ran the public library system. Sheldon was elected to the board in a city-wide general election in 2005. In 2007 Sheldon supported merging the Minneapolis and Hennepin County library systems to address ongoing income issues for the Minneapolis library system. That merger happened in January, 2008.

  • Board representative to the Minneapolis Planning Commission (2007)
  • Board representative to the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation (the board that sells all bonds, manages the internal audit functions, and sets maximum property tax levys for Minneapolois) (2006, 2007)
  • Lead of the team to look at all options for increased income (2006)
  • Board representative to the Advocacy Committee of the Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library (2006)

President, Seward Neighborhood Group (2009-)

The Seward Neighborhood Group is a neighborhood association in Minnepolis that addresses, housing, development, crime, education and environmental issues in the Seward Neighrohood .

Minneapolis Wireless Digital Inclusion Taskforce (2006, 2007)

The Digital Inclusion Taskforce developed the Community Benefits Agreement for the Minneapolis Municipal Wireless Project.  The goal of the agreement is to increase the access to digital resources by disadvantaged segments of the population.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management Board of Directors, Washington, D.C. (1997 to 2006)

  • Vice President (2004, 2005, 2006)
  • Chair of Education Committee (2005, 2006)
  • Chair of Network Growth Committee (Membership and Marketing) (2004)
  • Audit Committee (2004)
  • Education Committee (2002, 2003)

Minnesota E-Democracy (1995 to 2007)

  • Director (1996)
  • Board Member (1995, 1997 to Present
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Greater Twin Cities United Way (1999 to 2004)

  • Service Through Technology Committees (all three organizations) (1999 to 2004)
  • Technology Best Practices Committee (Minneapolis United Way and Greater Twin Cities United Way) 2000 to 2003, Chair of committee 2003)
  • Training and Best Practices Committee (Greater Twin Cities United Way)(2004)
  • Education and Training Committee (Minneapolis) (2000)

(These committees refer to the United Way of the St. Paul Area, the United Way of Minneapolis Area, and the new, merged Greater Twin Cities United Way).

National Technology Circuit Rider Strategic Planning Committee (2000 to 2001)

This committee was created at the nonprofit technology circuit rider conference in Kansas City in 2000 to consider options for the community as the original funders moved away from funding the national conference.  The committee's report in Denver in 2001 took the form of a public discussion session that included small break-out groups and voting on key issues.  The result was the circuit rider community decided to endorse and participate in the new Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN).

Minneapolis Telecommunications Network (1990 to 1998)

  • Internet Service Advisory Committee (1992 to 1995)
  • Chair (1991 to 1994)
  • Vice Chair (1990)
  • Treasurer (1987 to 1989)
  • Board Member (1985 to 1994)

In 1992 I convinced the board to create an Internet service for nonprofit organizations. I then chaired the advisory committee that designed the Internet service that started in 1993 and was on the grant writing and negotiation team that obtained funding for the Internet service from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (1974 to Present)

  • Chair and founder, Twin Cities Chapter of Society on Social Implications of Technology (1983 to 1984).
  • Member Twin Cities Chapter Executive Committee (1983-1984).

American Association for the Advancement of Science (~1984 to 1994 and 2003 to Present)

Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission (1978 to 1980)

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